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Estates and Facilities

Estates and Facilities Directorate (E&FD) plays a major role in assisting the University to deliver its key University Strategic Objectives.

E&FD supports the ethos of the University of Opportunity and its commitment to the regeneration of the City of Wolverhampton, business communities, Distributed Learning Centres and Business Solutions Centres across the region.

E&FD offers a consistent, coherent and competitive service delivery across all activities on all campuses. This position delivers the optimum utilisation of resources, knowledge base and experience to facilitate an appropriate level of interaction with students, staff and visitors, in order to meet their needs and aspirations. E&FD delivers to students a welcoming, secure and helpful environment in which to study, work and live.

The aims of E&FD are as follows:

  • To continue to provide improvements to the University campuses to enhance the student, staff, tenant and visitor experience and to create the best first impression at all opportunities, and for the University to grow and develop as an institution of first choice in the region, nationally and internationally.
  • The continued delivery of major capital projects across all campuses.
  • To maintain the estate to provide good facilities to staff and students; to meet Condition and Legislative Compliance and reduce the backlog maintenance across all campuses.
  • To continue to deliver carbon reductions in line with HEFCE guidelines and the University's policies.
  • The continued operation of the existing  lease hire bus fleet, timetabled in an effective and cost-efficient manner.
  • To support faculties' growth and development plans in order for the University to achieve its strategic objectives.
  • For the University to be an anchor for regeneration initiatives with the City of Wolverhampton, Walsall and Telford, together with other centres across the region.


E&FD acknowledges that the University of Wolverhampton's campuses are a vital element in symbolising what the University stands for: 'Students First.' E&FD seeks to consolidate what is good about the existing campuses and to create a vibrant, friendly place to study, work and live. E&FD provides a fit for purpose facilities within genuine campus communities, which will deliver focused improvements to deliver business performance that the University stakeholders will be proud of.

Mission: over-riding purpose of E&FD Strategy

  • To create and maintain an effective, distinctive, welcoming, accessible and coherent environment for students, staff, tenants and visitors alike.
  • To deliver an uplifting positive student, staff, tenant and visitor experience of which the University can be proud.

To provide a physical estate which has:

  1. Elements of the built environment which have a fresh and contemporary aesthetic impact, allow for serendipity complete with wow factors, together with social democratic space which will allow natural interaction between people and provide a sense of belonging and community.
  2. Learning environments with digital connectivity which will allow appropriate access to users to enable easy communication, as well as being comfortable and  Equality Act compliant. 
  3. Environmentally sustainable and space efficient facilities, that enhance operational effectiveness and business performance. 
  4. Catering outlets which are contemporary, offering innovative catering concepts with associated social interaction areas for students, staff, tenants and visitors to dwell and enjoy. 
  5. Business environment for the SME community especially those businesses that have a direct link with the University of Wolverhampton in respect of research, business and employment, in order to assist economic regeneration.

Key goals:

  • To continually review and benchmark service provision to ensure Estates & Facilities deliver services that put Students First.
  • To deliver the long-term capital and annual maintenance programmes.
  • Ensure maximum usage of space by faculties.
  • To review and develop the sustainability goals for the University.